Sennheiser MAT 153-S Table Stand with LED Light Ring Button for 5-Pin XLR Gooseneck Microphone

7124 грн

Sennheiser MKH-8000 Shock Mount for MKH-8000 Series Microphones

2564 грн

Sennheiser MKS4 Elastic Suspension with Open Ring

2849 грн

Sennheiser MZEF 8030 Vertical Extension Bar (30cm)

2564 грн

Sennheiser MZEF 8060 Vertical Extension Bar (60cm)

2849 грн

Sennheiser MZEF 8210 Vertical Extension Bar (120cm)

3704 грн

Sennheiser MZFS 8000 Floor Stand

5699 грн

Sennheiser MZG-8000 Swivel Joint for MKH-8000 Series Capsules

6554 грн
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